Barbeque Cleaning

BBQ Cleaning

Whether you only use it occasionally or fire it up on a regular basis, nothing destroys a well-planned meal quicker than a dirty barbeque.

Regular BBQ cleaning is essential to keep your outdoor grill running smoothly. Don’t let the grease of a thousand past sausages and the marinade from last year’s chicken ruin the taste of tonight’s meal. Or, even worse, don’t let it stop your barbeque working altogether.

Our professional barbeque cleaning crew know how to get your barbeque back to like-new. All grills are degreased and seasoned, all burners are removed and unblocked, the drip tray is cleaned and the fat absorber replaced.

To keep your BBQ looking its best, the hood and frame are degreased and cleaned, and all exterior surfaces are degreased, cleaned and polished.

And if your lawn or garden is getting out of control while your barbeque sits outside gleaming, combine Your Caretaker’s BBQ Cleaning service with our Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance services with our unique Outdoor package. We’ll also take care of your Gutter Cleaning and your Bin Cleaning.

Alternatively, build your own package with all the services you need. Simply choose the services, decide on the frequency of each, and we’ll take care of the rest. Get your lawn mowed every fortnight, your car cleaned once a month and your barbeque cleaned annually without making a single phone call.

Plus, you can pay for it all with one convenient monthly bill.

To have your BBQ professionally cleaned in Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington, Bellarine and the Surf Coast, get a quick, free, online quote from Your Caretaker now.

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